FinePrint was approached to typeset a series of new keyboard and choral publications for a major publisher. These innovative series have been best sellers in their fields, featuring a range of interesting repertoire, carefully edited and chosen by their editors. The "Getting to" keyboard series (edited by Elissa Milne) and Choraltime (edited by George Torbay) remain popular, with ongoing reprint editions. There are currently 23 available books in the Getting to series, and 8 in Choraltime. FinePrint set their first volumes in 2004, and is continuing to set the series.   

We were approached by the client to recreate a number of their existing publications for reprint. The existing publications were functional, but out-dated in appearance, and a number of edits were required to the volumes.  As part of the process of re-setting, we suggested changes in styling and layout. FinePrint worked with a talented illustrator to modernise the images for a contemporary audience, and the end result was a welcome series of updated volumes, with enhanced appeal to the market.    

FinePrint is regularly engaged to prepare orchestral scores and parts for major Australian orchestras and international ensembles. Our work is always carefully proofed at numerous stages, queries directed to the composer for clarification (aiming to reduce/eliminate first rehearsal questions), and layout is prepared to a level ready for publication. Part sets are often prepared to the specific requests of each orchestra's orchestral librarians, taking into consideration the ensemble's preferences, if applicable.