Music Typesetting

From manuscript, computer file or printed source, FinePrint can provide typeset scores and parts, including complete publications for press.  We specialise in the production of scores and parts, and preparation for music publications. 

FinePrint can work with your completed manuscript, typeset from a printed source, or work from computer file. We can provide print-ready high resolution PDF files, or a range of other graphic and audio formats.  

From urtext editions, to lead sheets, theory books, musical examples for texts or orchestral scores and part sets, FinePrint is experienced in setting a wide range of musical styles.  

Please see the examples page to view a range of samples of our work. If there is something specific you'd like to see that isn't covered, please let us know so that we can forward it to you.

If you have any requests regarding a desired style or formatting requirements, we are happy to accommodate. We will evaluate the received materials, and provide an estimate based on the sighted materials. FinePrint can provide, one (or two) representative page(s) before  commencing the project to confirm our understanding of your style requests. If appropriate, FinePrint will then set the entire work, sending you a copy of the complete draft to proof. If there were any questions that arose along the way, we will send these questions at the same time. All of our typesetters are postgraduate qualified musicians, with an awareness of music notation standards, and an eye for detail and precision of input. We are able to provide a range of services including proofing, layout editing, assembly of diagrams and analyses, illustrations and general design. 

We have an extensive suite of scanning programs and other tools.  In addition to working with Finale™ and Sibelius™, we understand print processes, and work with various industry-standard scorewriting and graphic design packages.

Please note that copyright of the materials sent to FinePrint is the responsibility of the client.

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